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LifeFit Gym Re-opening Tuesday 8th of June 2021

LifeFit Reopening Timetable can be viewed here.

LifeFit GYM


My gym reflects my desire that everyone from an 8 year old to an 80 year old should have a Gym to feel part of.
veryone should feel comfortable and have fun regardless of shape, size, strength, age, gender, orientation or ability level.


About us


LifeFit Gym and studio is a facility designed to cater for those who like the structure and direction of a class and also those who prefer to train at their own pace in a gym setting.

Classes all include mobility, flexibility and strength work using body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, TRX/suspension training straps, hex bar, sleds and more. Conditioning includes rowers, bikes, sleds, bodyweight work and kettlebells.

Youth Classes are also available.

Our gym is divided in to 3 sections which cater for the bodybuilding world with machine weights, the powerlifting world with racks, Olympic barbells and free weights (up to 40 Kg) and an Olympic weightlifting section with 2 full size platforms (not available during class times).

All sections are ideal for all age groups from 16-90 and all ability levels.

LifeFit Weightlifting is a Weightlifting Ireland affiliated club.


Paul Dunne has a decade of experience in the health and fitness sector. He is a degree level (BSc.) Strength & Conditioning Coach, gym and studio instructor.

Personal Trainer

Over 10 Years Experience in the fitness industry.
Paul holds qualifications in many personal fitness areas including a diploma in exercise and physical activity for children.

Online Classes

With this website Paul launches a new approach to fitness in the North Clare area with online training videos which he plans to expand over time. 


Fitness for All

From an 8 year old who wants to play fun games to an 80 year old who wants to stay strong and mobile, LifeFit Gym caters for all.
Enquire about our Bespoke Training Service.

Drop us a line

Contact us for anything you want to know! We at LifeFit are happy to answer any question you have as quickly as possible.