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Screening Documents

LifeFit Gym Screening Documents

 Please view (and if possible print & fill) the appropriate forms before coming to the gym. If you need to fill them on your first visit please arrange to come 5 minutes early for class to fill them.

They are as follows;

1. Pre Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

1a. Pre Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Youths.

If you have never been to a class or been a gym member or if you have not filled one of these in the last year you will be required to fill one on your first visit. If you tick certain risk factor boxes you may need a medical clearance form completed and signed by your doctor. Please read this form carefully as you will not be permitted to use the facility until they are completed.

2. Informed consent for a physical fitness programme

This is a declaration that you understand the risks associated with engaging in a training programme. This simply requires a signature and date.

3. Medical Clearance Form

You may require medical clearance from you doctor prior to commencement or resuming training. Please read the PAR-Q form carefully and have your doctor fill the medical clearance form if necessary.